Wood pallet Market to witness an upswing in the years to come


Wood pallets find their presence in transport, storage, and shipping of products. They are available in standardized as well as customized formats. The factor driving the wood pallets market is the fact that they are re-usable, repairable, and could be put into circulation again. The vertical driving the market is “food and beverages”; thanks to rise in consumerism and disposable incomes across all the geographies; especially developing economies in the APAC like India and China. MEA is also catching up.

North America rules the wood pallet market; followed by Western Europe. The growth in North America could be attributed to almost 30% of the overall wood pallets produced in the U.S. in groceries; as confirmed by GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association). As stated above, the APAC is expected to grow at the fastest pace in the upcoming period. Pallet jack, forklift, cranes, and various other carrying vehicles make use of wood pallets for transporting goods. An innovation in this regard is “molded wood pallets”. They are better known as “pressed wood pallets”.

The raw materials pertaining to molded wood pallets comprise wood byproducts like damaged logs, wood waste, saw-dust (with wood chips), wood shaving, wood chips, big chips, raw wood, burned forest, waste pallets, or any other material that contains wooden fiber. A steel mold is used to manufacture molded wooden pallets.

The advantage of molded wood pallets over conventional wood pallets is that when stacked and nested; they occupy merely 33% of the area occupied by conventional wood pallets. As such, they prove to be lightweight; thereby saving on inventory space. Even on the grounds of stiffness, molded wood pallets have an edge.

The ISO (International Standard Organization) has sanctioned 6 dimensions of pallets. They have been detailed in “ISO Standard 6780”. The same ISO does recognize GMA pallet footprint as one amongst its 6 standard sizes as well.


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