CPAP Devices Market witness innovation

Oral appliance for sleep apnea

CPAP Devices are in huge demand all over the globe as the market registers a rise in number of patients with sleep apnea. These patients are diagnosed with CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) devices. Recently, Dr Arash Azarbal designed a flexible form of CPAP devices that help in minimizing sleep disorders and helps patient with a sound sleep.

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder all across the world. Although, people with sleep apnea may find wearing a CPAP device while sleeping, Dr. Arash Azarbal, a dentist from Pasadena tells about availability of alternatives that can help in minimizing the symptoms and allow a peaceful sleep.

He explains that the disorder can lead to a broad range of consequences such as fatigue, headaches to heart attack and strokes. Hence, the treatment is much essential as many patients use CPAP device since it is much widely used even during travel. Patients often complain about the uneasiness in using the machine and to counter this problem, Dr. Azarbal has come up with a wide range of alternatives. Oral appliances are the most effective alternatives and are commercially available in multiple forms in the CPAP devices market.

Oral appliances are designed effectively in such a way that it relieves the blockage with obstructive sleep apnea. Dr Azarbal says, more than 70% patients who are unsuccessful with CPAP devices, oral appliances are just good for patients with this disorder. Patients do get good results by using oral appliances with severe sleep apnea.

He further adds that, simplicity in treatment options is one of the major concerns and many sleep apnea patients are elderly and for a major reason and are intolerant towards CPAP devices. He has also designed a portable sleep study machine for sleep apnea patients that enables to monitor the efficiency of oral appliances during the course of time.


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